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10:47 journal

starting a 'daily standup' or journal so i can better keep track of what i get done and want to do every day.

yesterday i did not do much, hence why i am starting this journal. today i will:

  • travel to osu and spend time with friends
  • set up git crypt for my nixos configuration
    • full file encryption is fine, don't have to just encrypt secrets.
  • generate a pgp key for jake@isnt.online and use it in fun places
  • ship some cards
  • clean my room and try to get rid of a couple of things
  • solidify my plans for the rest of the semester.


Mulling over ideas involving [[remoteStorage]].

Checking out [[hyperdraft]]

One of the most basic presuppositions of communication is that the partners can mutually surprise each other. Only in the way can information be produced in the respective other.


  • Damage to frontal lobe as analogy for free will
  • Eagleman also warns that less attractive people and minorities tend to get longer sentencing—all of which he sees as symptoms that more science is needed in the legal system.[20]

I need to review and cleanup notes. good reason for info to be offloaded into separate notes. Dailies aren't evergreen

Woke up early and started cleaning friends house with my morning coffee

My notebooks aren't a record of my thinking process. They are my thinking process. — Richard Feynman

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