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Nice little story on a cafe in New Orleans transitioning to [[worker co-op]], working with [[Cooperation New Orleans]].




Interesting critique of [[worker coops]]. Main argument seems to be that they remove people from union organising and class struggle.


cooperatives retreat from the direct struggle between workers and owners to instead build worker-owners.

Not sure I get it… thoughts?


Interview with Omana George of [[Electronics Watch]].

She discusses some of the problems in [[electronics supply chains]], and the general anti-union and anti-organising practices of tech firms.


  • a nation is an inherently exclusive phenomena and defines itself in opposition to what it is
    • what counts as American in the US is often defined by what it is not. black people were not properly American until relatively recently, for example
  • A socialist nation is therefore a contradiction
  • most nations in Europe are younger than the US
    • although “France” or “Germany” pre-date the existence of the US, their governments and nationalisms do not
  • it’s hard to blame the Russian or German social democrats for participating in the state when both countries were autocracies where even nominal representation in government was a novelty
  • A lot of US leftists believe in what amounts to an inverted American exceptionalism
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