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  • Tinkering with the site, getting the logs section working. This page on group_by in Liquid is useful. Covers posts grouped by year and month, among other expressions.

  • It’s my birthday. I’m 46 today. Up late tinkering with my blog. And now I’m going to bed. Good night!

  • HuJSON

  • [Like @vgr](https://twitter.com/vgr/status/1364079145534169091 ), I created a [[Clubhouse]] account so that I didn’t have to keep turning down invites.

  • Create a self-hosted chat service with your own Matrix server, Victoria Drake

    • [[Dendrite]] is a [[Matrix]] server written in [[GoLang]]. This article walks through setting up on an inexpensive VPS.
  • High Lotek - Gemini and the Small Internet

    • A good overview of [[Gemini]] by Andrew Roach.
    • It’s a protocol partway between gopher and the web, without tracking, with encryption by default, respectful of users above all else.

    • I like a lot of the principles, and I understand the push back against, shall we say, the “complicated web”. There’s probably some [[content web vs app web]] feelings going on here too.
  • Why I Still Use RSS — > However it wasn’t until I began working from home and everything in my life moved online that I really began to notice how beneficial RSS could be with relation to Digital Wellbeing. By selecting only the sites, blogs, creators etc. that I had a serious interest in, I could effectively remove the negative effects of social media and excessive online usage from my life.

    • via Robin Rendle who in turn has some very interesting thoughts in their post.
  • Major surgery on the site, nicely celebrated from almost 24 hours ago :) Yes, working on my blog on my birthday has got to be tradition by now. #BMC

  • What was Journals all got dumped into logs. Which is a collection in [[Jekyll]] but I’m going to call them all Journals: more granular daily notes and bookmark postings via [[IndieKit]]. The Journal page groups things by day.

  • Somewhere in there, implemented [[Littlefoot]] for footnotes, and will mostly remove the [[Simply Jekyll]] specific syntax for margin notes, except for design reasons like the home page.



  • [2021-02-22 Mon 10:38] [[Tufte CSS]] looks really nice. I'd like to try and make use of it for [[Flock]].
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