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  • I find most of the tension between the recently labeled [[content web vs app web]].
  • The people who complain about unreadable pages bloated with JS to read a blog post are right.
  • The people who want to build local first, browser-centric apps are right.
  • From a discussion in the [[wikilinks]] Matrix channel with @karlicoss



[[tl;dr from Paris Marx on Canadian politics]]

Okay, the tl;dr: The Liberals are the centrist party and considered the “natural governing party” because they spent so much of the 20th century in government. The typically dangle social programs and progressive reforms at the election and rarely follow through. The Conservatives are the right-wing party, they aren’t as right-wing as like the US Republicans, but still have social conservative and libertarian elements. The NDP used to be explicitly anti-capitalist decades ago, but are vaguely even social democratic now. They’re slightly to the left of the Liberals, but are willing to sacrifice Palestinian solidarity and a lot of other left causes to look “electable.” They’ve never been in government on the federal level, but have in a number of provinces. There’s also the Bloc Quebecois, a Quebec nationalist party, kind of centre-left but also Islamophobic (think French laïcité), and the Greens which are a neoliberal, not ecosocialist, party.

– Paris Marx, [[TWSU]] Discord

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Started reading The Next Revolution again

I started reading [[The Next Revolution]] again. The foreword (by [[Ursula K. Le Guin]]) and the introduction are great. It all sounds up my street. If I remember from last time, I found the essays by [[Bookchin]] himself less readable. But let's see.

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Not sure why but getting this error from org-publish on the Gitlab build pipeline. Doesn't seem to like a link to a headline rather than just a file?

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