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  • If you can identify high [[energy]] [[nodes]] in a [[network]], you can solve for the most resource-efficient transportation routes with a [[slime mold]].
  • Individuals in [[groups]] are [[isolation]] averse. This is part of what helps build [[consensus]]. When choosing between two seemingly equal choices, groups will default on the choice that has more individuals supporting it. If lead [[scouts]] all think the same thing, then [[information]] is not properly integrated. For this reason, it is useful for a group to have scouts with a [[diversity]] of information. [[Indecision]] among scouts results in an indirect poll of potential followers- since followers will only blindly follow if there is [[unity]] among scouts. Information spreads best if individuals with high informational breadth are spread evenly through the group.
  • What decides [[salience]] in your [[attention]]? What [[marks]] do you look for to find a [[trail]] worth following? How can you leave such marks for others?
  • To be an [[expert]] is to have gone through something and come out of it alive.
  • [[Murder]] is an attempt to resolve [[uncertainty]]. collapsed:: true
    • So if you give someone a way to define you in a way that resolves their uncertainty without needing to kill you to resolve their uncertainty, you will not be killed.

Semana 2021-10-04


Seminario Literatura ENS

Seminario Lingüística ES

  • Leer [[What is mode]]
  • Ejercicio visuales y blancos a partir del nro 18. Ver y qué nos llama la atención de estos dos elementos
  • Ejercicio de la p. 51

VL Literatura ES

Seminario Literatura ES

Seminario Literatura y Política


Britain is heading into winter with the number of Covid cases remaining at a worryingly high level. At the same time, the nation’s vaccination programme appears to have stalled.

UK might not be over the worst, scientists warn, as Covid case numbers stay h… #+endquote


  • Marx believed that the basis of value was social and not concrete, unlike prior thinkers
  • fetishism shows that there’s more to the world than what is directly observable, and it must be overcome. fetishism could be seen as a critique of empiricism, you need more than empirical research to understand what’s going on
  • it is more important to be a communist than a marxist
  • the law of value is operating in china
  • the Soviet union and China have turned out to not be emancipatory projects
  • taking state power is only the first step, and any communist movement that holds power for its own sake is not a liberatory one
  • those who say that china is communist because the bourgeoisie do are on the same side as the bourgeoisie. this attitude does not say anything worthwhile
  • started using [[chime]] as my main bank today because of [[discrimination in digital finance]]
  • got a bunch of [[makeup]] stuff. I want to get better
  • been messing with [[crypto]] setting up pipeline from crypto -> USD
    • You need to do [[KYC]], this affects people with complicated documentation status
    • you need to have a bank that is supported by a [[crypto exchange]] [[venmo]]/ [[cashapp]] do not work for this

[discrimination in digital finance]: ../pages/discrimination in digital finance.md "discrimination in digital finance" [//end]: # "Autogenerated link references"

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