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  • Wheelbarrow tag: a [[game]] of tag where dyads each hold their partners legs and they try to tag other dyads. This should train ability to remain [[grounded]] when your [[feet]] are disconnected from the ground, as in a [[guard]] [[pass]] that is turning into a [[sweep]].
  • Bear tag: a [[game]] of tag but everyone's bear crawling.
  • Pangolin tag: a [[game]] of tag but you can only backwards [[roll]], forward roll, and inverted roll sideways.
  • To be beloved is to be what remains.

Semana 2021-10-11


Seminario Literatura ENS

  • Leer Grayson
  • Hacer la tarea en grupo
  • Leer The Name of the Rose

Seminario Lingüística ES

  • Leer Barthes
  • Hacer guía de lectura
  • Elegir tema

VL Literatura ES

  • Terminar de leer Campos de Níjar

Seminario Literatura ES

  • Leer Iwasaki
  • Empezar a leer Valencia



the Center for Humane Technology ultimately functions not as a solution to our technologically exacerbated problems, but simply as a way of making those problems slightly more palatable.

– Be Wary of Silicon Valley’s Guilty Conscience: on The Center for Humane Technology

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