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  • Instead of your opponent, [[focus]] on where you are and what you can touch at all times.
  • Noel Grayson, Cherokee bowyer, ended up being a bowyer because he just kept on '[[play]]ing with 'em'. When he teaches flintknapping, he says, "don't overcomplicate it, if you want to learn how to do it, learn how to play".
  • To be [[kind]], beat your enemy quickly.


Semana 2021-10-30


Seminario Literatura ENS

  • Leer The Name of the Rose
  • Terminar The Task of the Translator de Walter Benjamin
  • Leer Naming the Rose: Readers and Codes in Umberto Eco's Novel
  • Leer The Role of the Reader

Seminario Lingüística ES

VL Literatura ES

  • Leer Los encartelados

Seminario Literatura ES

  • Leer ORTIZ GAMBETTA Eugenia, “El escritor extraterritorial: una tendencia en la literatura mundial”.
  • Leer Discurso de Caracas de Roberto Bolaño

Seminario Literatura y Política


  • I want a [[community]], not an [[audience]].

    • Audience is stuff like reach, personality/celebrity, spectacle, anxiety, alienation, competition.
    • Community is more like voice, discussion, comradery.
  • My social media usage is something like this.

  • I do like the phrase 'digital garden' but I still don't feel comfortable enough to not put it in quotes.

  • [[Kaweah Colony]]

    • A group of utopian socialists that named the world's biggest tree after [[Karl Marx]] in the 19th century. The community was disbanded when Sequoia national park was created and the tree was renamed for American civil war general William Tecumseh Sherman.
  • [[Mutualism]]

  • [[Caliban and the witch]]

  • Bookmarked: Network intersubjectives - by Gordon Brander - Subconscious

  • [[Especifismo]]. [[Platformism]].

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