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  • Been streaming music again on [[Resonate]] lately. (A musician/listener/worker-owned coop). Feels good to be supporting them. Their catalogue seems to have expanded a lot since I last used it and I'm finding a good amount of good music on there.

  • [[Democracy functions best at the level of the city]].


“Angelina Grimke’s brilliant ‘Address to the Soldiers of Our Second Revolution’ demonstrated that her [[political consciousness]] was far more advanced than most of her contemporaries. In her speech she proposed a radical theory and practice which could have been realised through an alliance embracing labor, Black people and women. If, as [[Karl Marx]] said, ‘labor in a white skin can never be free as long as labor in a black skin is branded,’ it was also true, as Angelina Grimke lucidly insisted, that the democratic struggles of the times – especially the fight for [[women’s equality]] – could be most effectively waged in association with the struggle for [[Black Liberation]].”

[[Angela Davis]],

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