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  • Writing this straight from the [[github]] UI as I don't have a garden editor set up in the laptop I am carrying with me.
    • It is nice to have the alternative, but wow, Github sucks. I am actually often surprised at how limited it is. "Only displaying 1000 files." -- but why? :)
    • The code review/code viewing experience is... basic.
    • It might also be, of course, that I'm continuously out of patience for closed source platforms. I think I should probably move away from Github for garden hosting -- after all, my garden isn't really covered by Google's limitations on open source hosting as it doesn't contain code.
  • I missed out on the [[social coop strategy day]] due to being out on holidays. It was a shame -- of course being on holidays is nice, but it goes to show there's an opportunity cost :) I could have planned around it, of course, but I didn't.
    • Thank you [[neil]] for attending and taking notes!
    • Looking forward to coming back tomorrow and resuming online/digital activities. I also promised I would coordinate the next [[social coop tech group]] session and I have failed to do so yet -- my apologies. Will try to do it tomorrow evening at the latest.
  • #push [[spain 2022]]
    • Our itinerary in this trip:
      • [[granada]] (staying here)
        • Beautiful all around, liked it last time around, liked it this time, will return eventually unless death catches me first.
        • Did a small tour of bookshops this time around while looking for gifts for [[L]] and enjoyed it a lot.
      • [[montefrío]] (as a day trip)
        • Nice day trip; [[the view]] was great as expected. Small and sleepy otherwise.
      • [[málaga]] (staying here)
        • Nice for a beach city; interesting enough old town, great food all around. Good base (well connected, we flew in and out from the city airport).
      • [[nerja]] (as a day trip)
        • I think I tend not to like touristy beach towns in general. We had the worst lunch of the trip here; someone bought a once-great fonda and is running it into the ground.
        • My mum loved it when she visited it; I think some parts and nicer than others and she loves beaches to begin with, which probably helped.
      • [[ronda]] (as a day trip)
        • Amazing. We spent the afternoon here; [[la lechuguita]] is a great tapas place (1 euro each).
      • [[marbella]]
        • I don't get it. Would skip. Perhaps if you're rich, staying in a villa, liking to feel fancy. But it wasn't even nice close to the beach -- not in the city centre anyway. Would skip from now on.
    • [[being offline]]
  • Things to pay [[attention]] to when designing a way to learn how to know the [[thinking]] behind a particular [[skill]]:

    1. What's it like to be someone who doesn't know this [[skill]]? What is this like for a five year old learning this skill for the first time? [[mentalizing]]
      1. How can this [[skill]] be taught one [[movement]] at a [[time]]?
      1. How much [[energy]] does it take to [[learn]]? What's the least amount of energy it takes for someone to learn what they need to know to know how to know what we know? How does the way a [[story]] moves change the way we learn?
    • collapsed:: true 4. How can we use what the learner already [[knows]] to help their [[learning]]? What does the learner know? How is this similar to what the learner needs to know to learn? What place are we using to show what the learner needs to know to learn? What can we avoid saying because it is already known? When something is partially similar, can we use what is the same to get to what isn't the same?
      • By showing how a learner already knows some of what is going to be learned, we lower [[resistance]] to [[learning]].


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