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  • [[work]]
    • took the day off, but still did 1h of work to make sure things kept moving in the right direction. I don't regret it.
    • plan to do the same [[tomorrow]].
    • [[project update]] (this was a pomodoro around 9pm)
  • [[flancia]]
    • meditated in the morning, it helped a lot as usual :) yesterday I didn't do it and I think I probably should have.
    • [[agora]]
      • [[agora doc]] is the top priority for this weekend, but I'd also like to keep it fun by shipping some easy improvements to the Agora UX.
        • I'm tracking those in paper mostly at home, but the top and likely easiest is to reintroduce filenames in subnode headings. Since hiding them I feel the interface is less clear. The Agora is retro, so we might as well use that -- and I think keeping it obvious that each subnode is a separate file probably helps.
      • #push [[pomodoros]]
  • [[poetics]]
  • went to the [[brocki]] ~ [[bröcki]], it was great
    • came back with a significant amount of great [[loot]], and I met interesting people
    • [[helveta]] foundation (sp?)
  • [[yoga]]
  • [[l]]
  • [[ap]]
  • [[june]]

I'd really love to get the Agora (meaning anagora.org) fast again :) When it is fast (like when you hit a worker with a cached graph, which currently serves within 0.2s it feels great; when it isn't it goes definitely into the frustrating territory (9s). But I think it'll have to wait until EOY, realistically, maybe.


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