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  • Unbundling Tools for Thought
    • I’ve written something like six or seven personal wikis over the past decade. It’s actually an incredibly advanced form of procrastination

    • I can feel this! Basically what I’ve found is that I need to be able to write and be able to publish from mobile as my baseline in order to use the thing!
    • via [Abraham](https://toolsforthought.rocks/@absamma/109580780206399372 )
  • [[The Matrix Holiday Update 2022]]
    • 44M to 80M Matrix IDs in the main global network
    • ((63af8f03-71a9-4ae0-96d0-20f8af929184))
    • Besides the good news, Matrix needs funding, Matrix Foundation is setting up to do more of this
    • ((63af9052-c017-4b56-8e28-72d1d16f7720))
  • The Age of Industrialized AI by [[Daniel Jeffries]]
    • Call it the Great Ravine.  Many companies will not cross the chasm.  But the ones that do will form the bedrock of future AI applications and a new stack that most AI driven businesses use by default.

    • Think of it as the LAMP stack for AI.


  • Reading: [[Less is More]]. Very good.
    • Nominally it's about [[degrowth]] but it's starting off with a chapter about the [[Anthropocene]], and then a chapter on the origins of [[Capitalism]].
    • Describing the process of [[Enclosure]], [[colonialism]] and [[Primitive accumulation]].
    • Particularly interesting is the description of a move from a [[Relational ontology]] (as also mentioned in [[Free, Fair and Alive]]!) to [[dualism]].
    • [[Francis Bacon]] and [[René Descartes]] are given dishonourable mentions with a lot to answer for in Hickel's account.
    • Bacon kicking off the idea that man is separate from nature. Descartes idea's of mind/body split being use to justify the domination over people's bodies.
    • Goes into much more depth and nuance but the idea generally being church, state and capital were very keen to separate man from nature and mind from body, allowing living things (both nature and humans) to be view simply as living things to be exploited.
    • Also a desire to separate [[commoner]]s from land, both physically and in spirit. they felt common people able to live off the land were a threat.
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