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  • Priorities to Make the Fediverse Sustainable by [[Alek Tarkowski]]
    • via [[Ton Zijlstra]], who [asks for examples of large Mastodon instances contributing code maintenance upstream](https://m.tzyl.eu/@ton/109500212792724106 )
    • Mentions [[commons based peer production]] which immediately makes me take notice
    • Yes, we should be pooling software engineering time to maintain and improve software!
    • Points out the #BDFL model of the Mastodon codebase:
      • The production model of Mastodon also has consequences for its governance. GitHub statistics show that [[@Gargron]] has single-handedly produced and committed at least 80% of Mastodon’s code. But more importantly, as the lead maintainer of the code, Rochko makes all the decisions.

    • Looking to Web3 for #governance experiments:
      • Better participatory governance is therefore the big challenge ahead of Mastodon, and the Fediverse space more generally. Web3 is usually detested by open source developers, and this negative vibe is also strong on Mastodon. Yet it is in the progressive margins of the Web3 space that debates on governance models take place. Successful governance experiments, conducted for example around the [[Gitcoin]] protocol, or the theoretical work of the Metagov project, should be examined and applied to the Fediverse.

    • Feeling this:
      • The challenge with governance is that it requires collective action – unlike coding, which can successfully be done, on behalf of millions, by a single coder.

    • [[Alek Tarkowski]] makes three recommendations
      • Launch a participatory project
        • to define a shared mission for building the digital public space on the basis of the Fediverse.
      • Secure greater involvement of public institutions
        • [[Dan Hon]] proposed for organizations to set up their own Mastodon instances and serve as verified, public interest driven, trusted nodes in the network.
      • Build a stronger social and institutional layer
    • All of these actions are a kind of convening. This is not a standards process around [[ActivityPub]] the #W3C spec, but a process to talk about shared goals and effort. Yep, web3 vibes for sure, which deals more with networks.
    • Also of course [[Blaine Cook]]’s [[Slocan Statement]]
  • [[Mastodon/Character Limit]] is 500 by default
  • Where are [[ActivityPub]] types defined?
  • New to me is [[Plume]]
    • ((63ae2002-78af-4630-bf6e-5e6323c11c91))
  • Made a new [[BMC/Blog]] with a type property #LogSeqConversion
    • I really should pull out my laptop and just flip the switch
  • Installed the [[LogSeq/Bonofix Theme]]
    • Copy pasted into [[LogSeq/Custom CSS]] directly so it applies to mobile as well as the published version
    • Rounded tags! Calendar emoji! Dark mode! Different fonts!
  • Made a [[Boris Mann’s Digital Notes Garden]] page
    • And edited [[LogSeq/Config]] to make it the default front page
    • Looks like [[LogSeq/Sidebar]] doesn’t display in the published version? Or maybe just not on mobile
  • Just now learning about [[LogSeq/Block References]]
    • Specifically, how does this work on mobile?
    • ((63ae85fe-7617-4b3a-9635-0189cfa316f3))
    • ((63ae84fc-a8c1-4cd9-8183-928b719eba71))
    • The above two are references, and have a pencil icon next to them. Clicking on them takes you to the block.
    • And [[LogSeq/Embeds]]
      • {{embed ((63ae8744-1f74-4d63-a45f-d5c6caedf43f))}}
      • This is a block embed…describing Page Embeds
  • #TIL That [[Ribbonfarm]] doesn’t have a space in it. But a fun excuse to talk about the origin of the name:
    • ((63ae9c33-d1cf-4665-b60e-8eb281570e7b))

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