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  • A [[network]] [[state]] is a large [[group]] of smaller webs of people that are spread all over the world, where the webs are together through computers talking to each other. Its home is in the sea of worldwide talk through computers, rather than from [[laws]] in [[books]] and lines that people draw on [[maps]] of land. Now, anyone with a [[computer]] that talks to all the other computers can start a company. They will also be able to start a network state. People will go between each network state, being able to leave at any time, and so different network states will be useful for different things, in the same way that different citizenships get you different access to different countries today, and different corporate accounts get you access to different services. Many people can become billionaires, and even more people can start their own kind of [[money]]. Network states are hard to take by [[force]], because they are spread out, and they are hard for big groups to see without getting infected with what the network states want. They use computer chains that are spread over many computers to track everyone's relationships, so they track the network state itself- and could have a clear and open access to all the agreements within such a state, for members of that state. Since people can talk almost instantly through computers to anyone, almost anywhere in the world, what people want is no longer stuck with where people are. A lot of people don't know the people who live near them, and even more don't want the same things as people who live near them. This is very different from how it was. The fact that people can do different things with different network states, and can be a part of many of them at once makes network states more similar to the past South-East Asian [[mandala]] system of government than modern nation-states. All this makes network states more [[mobile]] , such that they have more in common with [[Vikings]], [[steppe]] [[pastoralist]], [[seafaring]] cultures, and other [[nomads]] than geopolitical nation-states. What they will agree on, the basis of how they talk and move, will be what comes of the flow of everyone with computers talking. So, commerce. Movement of ideas and goods, written into the symbols of agreements on many computers that cannot be easily changed or faked: the [[blockchain]]. All of this allows for a more [[transparent]] [[society]], since many more actions can be timestamped. Since more actions can be timestamped, it will be easier to track movement, which makes it harder to lie.


  • [[YunoHost]] keeps going from strength to strength in its awesomeness.

    • I installed [[Collabora Online]] and connected it to [[NextCloud]].
    • Now I can edit spreadsheets online, locally in LibreOffice, and on my phone with Collabora Office and it's all synced up!
  • I wrote an email to my MP about the [[UK energy supply strategy]].

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