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  • [[Gliders]] were used in [[World War II]]. They have not been used much since then, with [[helicopters]] and [[parachutes]] taking their place, but they still offer a more precise method of troop transportation for one to two [[fire]] [[teams]].


  • Signed the petition to [[Stop water pollution in the Lake District]]

  • Filling in a bridge with concrete for £124,000 rather than repointing it for £5,000. Highways England may have to reverse concreting of Victorian bridge arch | He…

  • My Nitter and Miniflux combo on YunoHost still going well for [[reading tweets without being on Twitter]]. I use it to keep up with what's going on with organisations local to me, who are still on legacy social media platforms. Could still do with something that works well for RSSifying Facebook.

  • Been frequenting Mastodon more again recently what with the new wave of interesting people joining. Quickly remembering how [[microblog-style social media]] has a habit of sucking me in and distracting me. Even when the platform isn't designed to do so. It's just something about the medium I think. Of course it's fabulous for connecting and discovering. Just need to keep up the willpower so it's not distracting.

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