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  • [[Ethan Mollick]] The future, soon: what I learned from Bing's AI #[[Bing/AI]] #ChatGPT
    • We are not ready for the future of Analytic Engines. I think every organization that has a substantial analysis or writing component to their work will need to figure out how to incorporate these new tools fast, because the competitive advantage gain is potentially enormous. If highly-skilled writers and analysts can save 30-80% of their time by using AI to assist with basic writing and analysis, what does that mean? How do we adopt these technologies into our work and lives? What happens when the web is flooded with convincing but wrong content from these tools? Again, I don’t think anyone has a clear idea. Maybe the productivity gains will be illusory, but, based on my experience and conversations with other users, I don’t think so.

    • Rather than a search engine, Mollick calls them [[Analytic Engines]]

Sunday, 02/19/2023

17:56 Does knowledge transfer have to be a lived experience?

When reading this reddit thread:


Insight: replies of "you don't have enough experience", "you haven't put enough time into it", "come back in five years after doing other things" are normal. How do we more specifically describe the knowledge and experiences needed? To some degree, there is some inevitable "your pet will force you to undergo A, B, and C", so you'll have to be prepared for the next one. Maybe I'm just overthinking and the advice isn't specific enough - or maybe it's impossible to consider and learn about all of the scenarios you'll undergo having hte pet, and the lifestyles that people live are too different and complex to write generalized advice (because pets interact with people, and everyone has different work and life circumstances, friends, physical abilities, etc…).

18:30 ai pitch deck

A/B test at work. Think of how many BS companies you could generate though.


  • day three of [[maha shivaratri]] last night the [[puja]] went good
  • I ended up going to some new friend's house.
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