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  • [[Chromium]] me dejó en banda de nuevo. No toma input; esto sucede una vez por mes en [[paramita]].
  • [[Yoga with X]] más temprano que durante el fin de semana, terminando hacia las diez, y estuvo bueno.
  • [[Trabajo]]
    • Muy raro. Echaron a mi skip manager, uno de los mejores managers que conozco. No se entiende nada.
  • A mí me parece que la [[revolución]] se viene.
  • [[Flancia]]
  • [[Work]]
    • Layoffs finally happened in [[ZRH]]. Four people affected in [[Workspace SRE]], including my skip-manager who is a great manager and person and a lovely SRE from a team adjacent to mine who was preparing for promo.
    • Most people I talk to seem affected by both the silliness of the whole process and the relative relief that it's happened already, in light of the fact that it seemed unavoidable despite the employee representation group's best efforts at discussing alternatives with the corporation.
  • [[Open Letters]]
  • Tuesday, 03/14/2023 ** 09:36 Streaming service that interfaces with a DJ controller. Users can queue music to play through the speakers in the background that will continue playing in the speaker, queueing tracks to the deck, playing them, and transitioning automatically to the next one.

I want music to play in the background the whole day, but also take over and do a little active playing on occasion!

Also broadcast featuers: I want an internet radio. ** 15:24 Music that changes with cadence Thinking about different ways to set moods for yourself or motivate current moods. Listening to https://door.link, my headphones shook in my ears as my lug boots hit the pavement and made them vibrate - interrupting the drone of calm, ambient music with a beat that motivated my walking. The sound of a footstep in the right boot is satisfying regardless.

How do I make a soundtrack to life? To using the computer? That adapts to the user? Thinking about pictochat too. What a beautiful interface. I want it back. I can make it better. ** 21:01 What does a stop-motion website look like?


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