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  • Left [[Rosano]] a rambling audio message about my practice of using this #LogSeq space id:: 64b30d5f-ef6e-4e0f-9ae0-f1401e1db90e collapsed:: true
    • I just spent a bunch of time updating the [[colophon]] with details on how this site works and its history
    • I lapsed using it in part because I'm frustrated with how it publishes to [[BMC/Garden]]
    • [[How to publish LogSeq to GitHub Pages]] works
      • As does [[Publish LogSeq from Mobile]]
      • But, it's a single 40MB+ index.html file!
      • And, "article" publishing isn't really great. Ideally I could throw a tag or property onto a page and get a better article version.
    • I'm waiting for [[Noosphere]], where of course the [[Subconscious/Subtext]] text format may well cause it's own issues
    • I was talking in the [[Subconscious/Discord]] and they did mention that for Noosphere, they'd love to have a LogSeq plugin as well
    • I also love my [[foodwiki]], which is a similarily complicated #TiddlyWiki static publishing, which I maintain 100% using [[Quine]]
    • But on the question of "why is it important to take or publish notes"
      • I do it for me first, as I have always done for blogging, too
      • I have notes like this that I can come back to, and especially how to's or install details, are very useful
      • I hope to get better at "asking questions of my notes"
      • If I'm going to write something up to share with someone, chances are its useful for other people, so why not publish it so it can be easily shared
      • My style for personal stuff is pretty documentarian heavy -- so [[BMC/Microblog]] is adventures and food
      • Questions I ask of my foodwiki and microblog are along the lines of "where were we last year" or "what was that place that Rosano took us to on south Main"
      • Long ago and far away, I got excited by blogging and publishing because I connected with other people, a lot!
      • I think I owe a lot to blogging
      • I say I was one of the first 1000 bloggers -- no idea if that was true; but that's how "small" the people publishing in 2001 felt
        • We read each others' blogs, and re-blogged, and commented, and wrote back and forth, with a cadence of days/weeks
      • Also: it was the beginning of SEO, and it was exciting that my Drupal blog ranked highly for a ton of things, so I had people stop by and comment from all over
      • Most of these feelings / interactions have been eaten by broadcast social media and [[cozy web]] spaces like Discord servers or Signal groups
      • But, it's hard to use posts into social media as an archive even just for yourself when its on someone else's platform
      • Using [[BMC/Microblog]], I have it set to cross-publish to my #CoSocial Mastodon account and to #Bluesky
        • MicroBlog I have high confidence that I can export from
        • With CoSocial and Bluesky, I am leaning into them more also because I "trust" that that content will persist: both socially (CoSocial is a co-op I help run and I know it's backed up) and technically (I own my username on Bluesky, and their [[AT Protocol/Personal Data Server]] model means I'll eventually run my own)
        • But: the content isn't here so it's not searchable or cross-indexable to the rest of the #[[Second Brain]] here unless I link to it / copy it here
      • And chat is ephemeral. At best, you write stuff here and drop it into social media or chat -- so you have a copy, and that at least has a chance of being discoverable by others
  • Did some tinkering with the [[Boris Mann/Home Lab]] setup collapsed:: true
  • Had a shower thought that I posted to Bluesky
  • I set up the [[DWebYVR/Drop-In]] sessions
  • Found [[fossilizer]], which turns your #Mastodon export into a static site
  • Nobody cares about your blog by [[Alex Molas]]
  • Updating [[CoSocial/Lemmy]] instance with lemmy-ansible which I have both a private git repo with our config checked in, and a remote linked to the maintained version
    • git pull lemmy 0.18.2 gets the tag that's needed
    • Then git pull --rebase cosocial will merge your private stuff
    • I don't really understand [[Ansible]], but locally running one liners that connect to your server and just makes all the changes is nice
  • Found [[fossilizer]], which turns your #Mastodon export into a static site
  • Saturday, 07/15/23 ** 14:54 Back on Tumblr. I've seen many of these buildings - I know what they are, how to get to them, and I've seen so many - but I've let them pass me by. I've let the archive stuff get away from me.

I don't like talking or using words to explain. It's the viewer's job, the user's job, to explore, to try to understand what's going on, exactly, without any context.

More importantly, though, making 'good content' isn't about making images that look cool or get clicks or get likes or something like that. Really, I think I'm more interested in deeper experiences; experiences that evoke feelings and emotions, that allow the person on the other end to have another perspective on their life. I've seen so many photos, so much content, that is just 'cool' - that fits a particular look well, the colors and textures and patterns match, whatever. I'm very admirable of the skill that that practice takes, but it doesn't matter. I won't remember that image in a couple days from now, but I will remember work that moved me. I want to make things that will be remembered, work that makes me feel, and work that will have a lasting impact on others.

I think many of my loose relationships in Boston felt toxic in a lot of ways. A lot of people in Allston around the artist community had very particular expectations of others - of people - and what they can and cannot, should and should not do. They had very narrow definitions of what was cool and what was cringe, what should be relevant and what shouldn't be explored at all. This wasn't too different from other social environments I've found myself in; in a way I liked that there was a predefined playbook or set of rules for operating, because I knew that if I operated within those constraints I could belong - but that person was never me.

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