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[[Imaginate un mundo sin latencia]] me dije, habiendo solucionado los problemas de conectividad bluetooth en [[nostromo]] :)

A veces extraño el [[español]] como idioma.

  • #push [[youtube]]
    • the uploading experience even on studio.youtube.com leaves me unsatisfied :)
    • it is slow, you need to perform a multitude of clicks to get to publish something
    • friction should be much lower than this!

Mientras escribo esto, estoy escuchando [[hola frank]] de [[sumo]] :)

  • Next I will work on a [[proposal]] within the context of my work in the [[er-ch]].
  • And on my personal computer I will start work on [[x]] as the evening progresses :)

Let us pray, dice Luca Prodan :)

  • Tuesday, 10/03/23 ** 07:29 Understanding what Daniel meant when he said he wasn't comfortable with his physical form... it's so, so easy to keep working, keep working, keep working, and never think about your body, your life, who you are outside of your job ** 09:43 My are.na feels a bit unstructured lately, disorganized; the photos I'm saving lack a sort of coherence. Some have grit, others have polish, some have pain; I'm not sure which is which and which is best. I'm glad that I'm doing this but I need more control, to make more work myself. ** 10:02 Don't use words like "jealous" or "ugly" or "bad". Not good words - negative words - evoke not good feelings, even when used in jest. Instead shift phrasing to always be positive. ** 10:03 It's okay to both take things seriously and not expect them to lead anywhere ** 10:12 I will never make 'merch' I will never make 'merch' I will never make merch

To make goods designed not to fulfill a need, not to solve a problem, not to improve daily life, but solely to produce revenue - providing value as a """""""""""""""memento""""""""""""""""" - is disgusting. Creativity and genuine care and making things for the sake of making them is cool. I don't think money should ever be the focus.

Thinking more about 'bullshit jobs'. Is promoting an inferior product a bullshit job? Restricting information definitely is.

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