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  • [[Tom MacWright]] is building on [[val town]] in Recently
    • I’ve been working on a tricky project to move Val.town’s internals to Deno and adding better isolation between execution and the host environment. Luckily, it feels like we’re in the right place at the right time - there are a lot of new V8 Isolate-based JavaScript runtimes coming to the surface, standards emerging for them like WinterCG, and frameworks built for them like Hono and Remix. The last mile - isolation, code bundling, and communication - is still the wild west, and that’s what I’ve been building.

  • Day off, making this a long weekend and travelling to [[München]] to meet friends and disconnect a bit!
    • And by disconnect I mean maybe be more offline, although maybe also I will end up writing in the Agora and that's completely OK.
    • I'm currently on the train to [[Munich]], looking a bit like a zombie (bags under my eyes) and feeling a bit sleeping, but happy. Through the window I can see the fields of [[Jura]].
  • [[Flancia]]
  • [[Myanmar]]
    • I remembered we considered going to Myanmar back when we were in Thailand (2016?) and would still love to go some day.
  • #push [[Category Theory]]

I will write [[Building Bridges]] -- some day? What does it mean by now? I've thought about it many times, and by now I wonder if when I actually start writing it it will just flow out from me -- or it won't.

  • Friday, 03/03/2023 ** 09:46 polish > consistency This morning's work: realizing that a polished UI is more important than a consistent one. It's true that end users always experience a reflection of the internal organization of code, of software, and of data, but making something look and feel wonderful is far more important than making something feel consistent and mediocre. Winners aren't built with mediocre design and perfect architectures; they're built with beautiful experiences that are hacked together and backpatched to be wonderfully organized once the organization's operating at scale. I don't have time to build perfect things now if I want to build a company.

I have to do things correctly and do things quickly, but it's not so important for me to respect standards and do things consistently if it's unreasonably difficult. It's hard to adhere to standards if the targets are always moving and we'll cut the code in a week. Just keep moving and moving quickly. ** 09:51 how important is revealing process? I've gotten so used to working publicly - revealing and discussing everything in-progress and sharing internals (when legal) - that I'm not sure how to work in other ways. Is it more important to have a polished final product than to show lots of intermediate work?

The forum is probably most important - arena is for thinking and github is for scratch work - but the website should feel solid, presentable, beautiful. Mine is not. Photos should be edited and polished before Instagram. I have to figure out how to shoot short-form video content.

Man I'm sick of all of these different platforms and people complaining about them. Everyone has their own CMS and none of them are perfect because they're SAAS products. We need better primitives for people to build their own systems, not to make new 'second-layer' products to wrap existing services that will inevitably be just as incompatible with another. All of these startups are kind of insane in that regard. We need better standards and primitives, not another Electron app... ** 12:53 an alarm that works its way into music not enough to be disruptive. just enough to stand out. notifications hsould compliment the currently playing music rather than being built to be app specific - or should at least use frequencies that don't clash with the song's.

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