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Elements of Technology Criticism

tags : [[technology]] [[tech criticism]] [[capitalism]] [[technology in capitalism]]

source : Elements of Technology Criticism


  • [[Data is not neutral]]
    • Data itself is an inter
  • “Technology can never occupy a space outside of capitalism.”
    • Personally I am somewhat skeptical of this claim: I think this point isn’t specific enough with where it draws the line on “technology”, because I think there are possibly non-capitalist uses of computing
  • [[Social problems do not have technical solutions]]
  • Algorithms are just people
  • Your brain is not a computer


Modern technology (specifically high tech) is just an extention of the logic of capitalism, and everything that’s bad about high tech is a problem with capitalism.

Overall, I feel that this is a good little post about the role of technology in capitalism. I take some issue with point 3 for not being specific enough, but otherwise I think it’s perfectly agreeable.

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